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I have been involved in landscape watercolor painting on and off since 1970. In the early days (my first phase), I painted outdoors in plein air. Those paintings were done in Florida and were quick and sketchy, usually completed within a 1 to 3 hour span. My next encounter in this medium was in the late 70's. Again the scenes were Florida, but this time I worked from 3.5 x 5 photographs taken from numerous photo expeditions looking for and collecting compositional shots intended for watercolor reference material. These groups of paintings were still loosely sketched in pencil, but in a more controlled manner, often taking more than 10 hours to complete.


Over the last 25 years I have gradually become much more interested in a more realistic rendering of my subject matter. Having executed several portrait commissions in this medium that required a more exact rendering, I got use to a process that allowed me to take my time to get the image right rather than to see how quick I could pull it off. My process these days is to work in the grid method, and that is a process where you take a photograph that you have taken of an scene that you want to paint and then you put a grid of lines on the photo. You then draw another grid (any size that you want) onto a piece of watercolor paper. You now draw whatever you see (or whatever you choose to see). in each square of the grid on the photograph onto the watercolor paper in pencil. Once you have finished the drawing (I have spent as long as a week on just the drawing), I erase all of the grid lines and begin painting.


The portfolio of watercolors that you see before you are a result of this process and my travels. Most of these examples required 3 to 6 days to complete. The process works well with my lifestyle of hiking the seacoasts and red rock vistas this country has in great supply.  


Where as some people hike and collect shells or fossils, I collect compositions to take home and paint. Each of these paintings represents a moment in nature chosen by myself to paint by hand. Each painting is unique and is a testament to the beauty of nature and all it has to offer.


— Walter Chaney





All Work by Walter Chaney

  • Blue with Rocks

    Blue with Rocks

  • Desert Landscape

    Desert Landscape

  • Pinnacle Peak

    Pinnacle Peak

  • Hiking Arches

    Hiking Arches

  • Morning Light

    Morning Light

  • Shoreline Break

    Shoreline Break

  • The Castle

    The Castle

  • The Majesty

    The Majesty

  • Tranquil Morning

    Tranquil Morning

  • Wetherill Gardens

    Wetherill Gardens

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