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Purchasing Original Fine Art through Next Picasso Affordable Art 


Acquiring Affordable Art with Next Picasso 



Real Art from Real Artists


Buy something truly special

As more and more things in our lives become mass-produced, it is becoming harder and harder to find truly unique objects to which we have a personal connection. When you buy an original work of art on Next Picasso, you can rest assured no one else in the world owns something exactly like it. How many other things that you own can you say that about?


Express yourself

Original art provides us the opportunity not only to express our own unique tastes and styles, but also share that with friends and family who have the opportunity to see the art you choose to hang in your home or office.


Support Artists

When you buy art from an artist on Next Picasso, you are directly supporting them and their local economy. It is only through people like you that artists can continue to bring their amazing works to the world and find success doing what they love all the while making the world a vital and more interesting place.





Acquiring Affordable Art at Next Picasso, Purchase with Confidence 























Value, Selection, Convenience



Outstanding Value

Many people think buying original fine art is beyond their reach, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Buying direct from Next Picasso’s network of artists, from across the U.S., ensures you are getting the most for the money. Why spend hundreds of dollars on reproductions when you can own original works of art for the same price!


Unparalleled Selection 

With over 1,000 original works of art in numerous styles, and with more art being added each week, you are sure to find just the right piece of art to fit your individual style, personality, and budget.



Next Picasso makes buying art convenient and accessible. From the comfort of your own home you can browse a huge range of styles to find and buy just the right work in a matter of minutes. Trying to do this by visiting galleries or art fairs could take days and even then you still might not find just the right work to satisfy your individual taste and unique requirements. 


Free Shipping

Next Picasso offers our clients free door to door, seven day turn around shipping, within the U.S., which makes buying art no matter where you live convenient, and within easy reach. 


Seven Day Money Back Guarantee

Next Picasso offers a full seven day money back guarantee, effective upon receipt of your artwork. If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let us know within seven days of receiving it and you can send it back for a full refund 


No Sales Tax

No sales tax except on art purchased and delivered in the state of Rhode Island.






Acquiring Affordable Art at Next Picasso: Value, Selection and Convenience























Purchase with Confidence



100% Buyer Guarantee, No-Hassle Returns 

We are so confident you will love what you buy on Next Picasso that we guarantee all purchases. If for any reason you don't like the work when you receive it you simply send it back and we issue a full refund no questions asked.


Certificate of Authenticity 

Every work you buy comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, as well as an appraisal for insurance purposes.


Quality Artists 

All of Next Picasso’s artists have been carefully screened to meet our high standards. We work hard to make sure that artists provide us with the highest quality work, with quality images and complete artist profiles so you can be confident in the work you are buying. We stand behind the our artists curatorially, assisting them with career development, publicity, and promoting their work.  



When you buy art on Next Picasso, you know exactly how much you are going to spend, who the artist is, and what the item looks like. No more "mystery" trying to figure out if you can afford a certain work of art.


Committed Customer Service 

We are committed making sure every Next Picasso customer has only the best experience. If for any reason you need assistance, we are only an email or phone call away.



We Want Your Business 

We are committed to serving the needs of savvy, informed collectors, and creating satisfied customers. Any questions? Answers within reach by phone: 401-617-5220 or email: next.picasso.art@gmail.com 



—  David Betz, Curator





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