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Open Studios

Artists at Work: An Inside Look at the Artistic Process
A tour of artist's studios, examining the artistic process from historical giants like Picasso and Monet through many of the emerging and established contemporary artists featured on the Next Picasso Affordable Art site.
Next Picasso artist, Julie Marsh explains her artistic philosophy while bringing her latest creation, "In The Grotto" to life in the studio

 Julie Marsh's Mixed Media Creations can be found on her Next Picasso Artist's Page... 
Next Picasso Artist Joan Marie Giampa demonstrates how organic forms found in the natural environmemt have inspired her to reimagine the painting process. (2009)
Joan Marie Giampa’s Paintings can be found on her next Picasso Artist Page
Next Picasso Photorapher Carl Couchman explores his process, workflow, and what turns him obn about capturing breath taking images of the California Coast...
Carl's extraordinary photos can be found on his Next Picasso Artist's Page...
Monet Paints Water Lillies at Giverny c. 1914

Wassily Kandinsky at work, 1926 - at the Bahaus.
Picasso at Vallauris, 1949
Jackson Pollock at work In East Hampton, New York, 1951
Gerhard Richter, 2010
More about Richter at Barron's Gerhard Richter, the Next Picasso?
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