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Anagramation Contest Rules
The Next Picasso Anagramation
Anagramation: a Multiplicity of Meanings


Since the dawn of time artists have used etched and painted symbols to communicate both worldly and spiritual truths: to inform, amuse, and amaze. Whatever it’s original intent, symbolic language just keeps on evolving.  Later artists, as well as our more quotidian bookkeepers and scribes, have elaborated on and repurposed those symbols in many different ways to arrive at a multiplicity of new meanings. Next Picasso’s first featured exhibition, Anagramation takes a handful of very familiar symbols and invites our audience mix them up, to reconfigure them to suit their own communicational ends. 


Anagramation Contest Rules: The rules are simple download images of any or all of the 13 Anagramation “letter” paintings from their respective pages by dragging them to your desktop. Configure them in any order that speaks to you. Individual letters can be used more than once. (Fully formed words, nonsense syllables, intriguing word fragments, hints of asemic writing, scat syllables, coded acronyms, hipster slang, Dada wordplay, are just some of the many possibilities…) Animated Gifs or simple unanimated jpegs can be submitted.  Have fun!  Be Creative!


The Next Picasso Experience

The contest winner will be announced at the Anagramation opening on Friday June 21st. You will receive a signed 8" x 10" Giclee print of the letter of your choice, and the winning image will be displayed prominently on the Next Picasso site. Buena Suerte!

All submissions must be received by Wednesday June 20th.

Submit to: next.picasso.art@gmail.com


— David Betz, Curator
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