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Artist FAQ's

Next Picasso Affordable Art Online, Answers to Artists's Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to Artist’s FAQs About the Site:

Next-Picasso.Com is a curated "affordable art" site dedicated to presenting artists and their work in a sophisticated curatorial manner. We believe collectors want an engaging online experience that’s informative about the aesthetics, the ideas, and the process underlying the art, not to just click and buy something that really “ties the room together.” For us, quality content, engaging collectors with both arresting images and stimulating ideas, is key to what makes an online art site a destination collectors want to visit, take pleasure in, buy from, and stay involved with over time


As this is a curated site — we are not all things to all people! We are not another portfolio site, or "upload all art" site. This is not a visually busy, banner ad laden, hyper-commercial, one-size-fits-all, art merchandizing site. The site is a tasteful, elegant platform, in which to present your work. We are selective about the art we choose to work with, and your work will not get lost amongst the work of hundreds of other artists. We put real time and loving care into the presentation of each artists work on the site. And there is a responsive, responsible, available person running the online gallery, that you can readily communicate with.  We're willing to work collaboratively with you, regarding career development, including areas such as Social Media Marketing. We believe in building our brand through building our artist brands.  


And unlike other sites, there is no fee for participation or for reviewing your work. The site is commission based and takes a 40% commission for the sale of work. Our goal is to keep it simple for the site, the artist, and the collector. There is no contract or long-term commitment required. Rather than tie you up, we actively encourage you to develop you career and promote yourself in a variety of ways, as with a web based business model such activities are often mutually beneficial. 


In terms of posting art with Next Picasso, work needs be reserved for us while it is listed on the site, you can't be actively trying to sell the same piece elsewhere at the same time (unless its a multiple). But we offer flexibility. If you need the work for an upcoming show, let us know, and we will happily de-list it or replace it with another image. For artist's working with multiples (editioned photography or prints) this allows you plenty of flexibility. You can use the same images for shows or have them listed on other sites as long as you keep at least one print physically reserved for us. 


Next Picasso also pays for shipping of the art rather than the client as an extra incentive to buy and to keep everything simple and direct, and to insure prompt turnaround for delivery. The artist is responsible for the cost of packing materials. Works over 48 inches in any dimension are subject to review before posting, for potential shipping concerns. Our business model is such that we are currently only working with artists who live and work in the U.S. 

Also we work with original 2D artwork and limited edition multiples only (paintings, drawings, prints, photographs) — no open editions or giclees.

If you wish to be considered for this project, please email us three jpeg images of your recent work for review, as well as a link to a website, if available. Send to: next.picasso.art@gmail.com.

Thanks for your interest in Next Picasso!


— David Betz, Curator




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