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About Next Picasso Affordable Art: Our Mission Statement 



Our mission: making the art world accessible to you

Next-Picasso.Com provides you with an intimate Art 2.0 web experience, bringing you inside the world of exceptional, emerging and established artists — a virtual guided tour of artist’s studios with a seasoned curator. An opportunity to explore the artistic process online through a uniquely immersive experience — to see new work first! — and buy original, affordable fine art direct from the artist’s studio.



You should have a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience with original art


Every day we’re hard at work building a web-based company that provides you with the absolute best possible art buying experience out there. We believe buying original art should be an intimate, unintimidating, hassle free experience. We present art for your viewing pleasure in a tranquil setting, free from banner ads, and busy special offers. We provide you with the sort of information that makes the art viewing experience both enriching and enjoyable. And you’re free to make up your own mind.  Knowing that the art we present to you is curated from the studios of carefully selected artists — affordable, and always of the highest quality.


You should be able to own affordable original art


The web is cluttered with Art Web sites that want to be all things to all people.  Sites whose business model is Amazon.com— big box art merchandizers carrying “art products” that have already been done to death, mass-produced a million times over. You are unique. We know you deserve better than cheap knock offs, unlimited reproductions, Giclées, or assembly line art made in China. Each and every work of art on Next Picasso is unique, and original — just like you! — made by an artist passionate about what they do. Dare to be different. Choose Next Picasso. Buy original art. Buy from original artists!


You should be able to find art that you like, easily and affordably


If you wanted to go buy an original work of art today, where would you go? Chances are that unless you live in a major city, options for finding a variety of different artists, and styles at affordable prices, under one roof are limited. We make sure that when you come to Next Picasso, you’re able to easily navigate our site, always find original, compelling artwork, and purchase it with just a few clicks of your mouse. Discovery and purchasing made easy.


You don’t have to be a wealthy, influential or a “known collector” to buy art


Have you ever walked into an art gallery and felt like you didn’t belong there? Don’t believe the hype. Most of us may not have studied art in school, or rubbed elbows with discerning dealers and top tier curators, but we know what we like when we see it. Buying art should provoke pleasure, not anxiety. We believe so much in this philosophy that we back each and every purchase on Next Picasso. If you are not completely satisfied with the work you bought, let us know and we’ll take it back. No questions asked. It’s that simple.


You should get the best possible prices


Because Next Picasso represents hundreds of artists from across the country, we are able to charge commission rates to our artists that are far below that of traditional galleries. The result is that you get art directly from the artist at prices that are never inflated with heavy commissions. You get quality, original art at affordable prices – direct from the artist.


You should get the best possible service


We believe in keeping it simple for you. Next Picasso offers free shipping to all destinations within the continental United States, with a seven-day turnaround for shipment from purchase to your door.  We also offer you a full seven-day trial of any artwork you purchase. So you can be confident that what you see is what you get. And every work of art comes with a certificate of authenticity, and an appraisal for insurance purposes. Expert follow up, framing and installation advice, is only a phone call away.


About Us


Next Picasso was founded by Curator David Betz, who has over eighteen years of exposing art on the web, as well as in building international markets for the work of undervalued artists.  Everything on the site has been hand selected with an eye for both value and future appreciation. Mr. Betz has assembled a world-class team of entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts dedicated to building a better art-buying experience, one that’s enjoyable, easy, and affordable. Because we believe that there is a better way to discover and buy original affordable fine art.







Next-Picasso.Com is the outgrowth of twenty-five years of curating gallery and museum exhibitions of tribal, contemporary, and modern art, and eighteen years of presenting it online. The common thread throughout has been my desire to bring you closer to the world of the artist, by presenting his or her work in a sophisticated setting, and building a rich contextual universe around it: through the written word, evocative photographs, and through video.





Next Picasso Curator David Betz giving a curatorial talk at the Holter Museum of Art, 2006 



















Pablo Picasso once said, “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”  If what you see in an art object — a painting, a drawing, a photograph — is the tangible distillation of both considerable thought and painstaking execution, then our goal is to unpack those processes, enabling you, our audience to fully connect with the artististic experience, and gain a greater appreciation for the art work and the forces that shaped it.  




Next Picasso Curator David Betz giving a press talk at the launch of Songlines Aboriginal Art's, latest San Francisco Gallery, 1999 

























At Next Picasso we hope to provide you with an intimate personal experience with both the artworks, and the exceptional contemporary artists we’ve chosen for the site. We hope you enjoy Next Picasso and find something here to treasure. Please let us know if you have. We look forward to hearing from you!


                                                                                              David Betz, Curator




“David Betz is a brilliant and passionate art enthusiast. He has worked in the field of art for more than 30 years and has a depth of knowledge and breadth of understanding that is remarkable. He has the ability to spot the importance of art pieces and to communicate their greatness to others. He is an excellent writer as well. All of his work, as a curator, writer, and gallery director, has been motivated by a deep understanding and passion for art, from aboriginal to contemporary, and a love of working in the field with artists, clients, curators, and colleagues.” December 21, 2012   Susan VogelOwner, Pince-Nez Press



“David is not only one of the world's foremost experts on Australian Aboriginal art, his knowledge of both art history and modern art is extensive, and he has great taste - I worked with him on the original design of his website, which won a Yahoo site of the week award in 1998, when that meant something, and he had very strong and good opinions about the best user experience options.” December 20, 2012 Bernard MeislerPresident, East Village Interactive


“David comes complete with a stunning reservoir of art history and an uncanny, intuitive sense of what fits an aesthetic situation. I've seen him transform a space with unexpected solutions as well as create understated environments that don't draw attention to themselves but simply "work". Working with him is always straightforward and highly educational. Most importantly, my experience is that he puts the needs of the client first.” December 20, 2012 Dean MermellOwner/Director/ Film Editor, Storyfarm.tv


“David's breadth of knowledge of art - as well as his specialty knowledge - is superb. He is enormously dependable, generous with his knowledge, ethical, intelligent and charming. In two decades of visiting fairs & galleries, and periodic collecting, I have met few people in the art world to compare to David Betz. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”December 25, 2012  Deborah Beale first hired David as an Art dealer, art consultation in 2004


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