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Suejin Jo, is a Korean born abstract painter based in New York. She studied with Stamos and Vytlacil at the Art Students League where she won McDowell Award juried by Richard Pousette D'art and Romare Bearden, which sent her to Europe for a year. Over the years Jo has painted with the unique medium of oil and dry pigment using the process of "inlay" like Korean potters of the 11th century. Helen Harrison of The New York Times described Jo's painting as having "the character of an ancient wall painting".


Jo's most recent solo show was at the Broome Street Gallery as a result of winning Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Solo Exhibition Award 2008, sponsored by the NY Artists Equity Association and juried by DC Moore Gallery. Jo participated in Pool Art Fair, New York and Miami 2007, Manif 2008 in Seoul Korea, AAF with Tria Gallery 2009 and with Julio Valdez Studio 2010. Jo's work is in many private and public collections including Library of Congress, WTC Memorial Museum, Chase Manhattan Bank, General Instrument Company, Embassy of San Marino, Sogang University, Ahl Foundation, and Korea Exchange Bank. Jo's paintings are included in the US Embassy exhibitions in East Timor and Mexico. The State Department chose Jo's "Pontchartrain" to be included in 2012 Desk Calendar, “Homage to American Women Artists”. 



Artist's Statement

I like to put ambiguous thing(s) in enticing environments. Images are most often born when something in current time clicks to something in memory.


I am against all digital, technical, mechanical, superimposed, reconfiguring, manipulating, or photographic methods. I build my paintings cell by cell. I start with the lines. I let the first layer of acrylic paint seep under the lines organically. Then I build the muscles and the skin with oil and dry pigment. With a palette knife I knead the dry pigment onto wet oil paint at various drying stages. This process is a "River of No Return" — I cannot make corrections.

All aspects of water interest me. Growing up on the banks of Han River and spending summers on the shores of Korean peninsula, I never got tired of watching the tide. The tidal wave and its movements were pure Yin and Yang. As a child I used to have recurring dreams of tsunami. In a dream I was always running away from it knowing that it would claim me sooner or later.


I am deeply interested in the picture's surface. For many years, I used oil and dry pigment, which gave unparalleled color and texture to the painting. Lately I had to stop this practice due to its health hazards and while experimenting with various ways to find another interesting medium, I discovered oil and acrylic, wet on wet, which gave me highly pleasing results. The “Tidal Port” paintings are the product of this new medium. 

— Suejin Jo 




All Work by Suejin Jo

  • Pink Puddle

    Pink Puddle

  • Votive Blue Yellow

    Votive Blue Yellow

  • Fraternal Twin

    Fraternal Twin

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror

  • Green Tide, Red Port

    Green Tide, Red Port

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