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 “… I noticed a veritable history lesson in 20th century abstraction. Morgan seems to pay homage to the most influential abstract artists, from Wassily Kandinsky to the New York School on up to Richard Diebenkorn. But this artist has put much of himself into these pieces as well; you can see this part-time musician’s tendencies in his jazz-like compositions.“                        — Curtis Olson


For the past 30 years, Scott J. Morgan has been combining his skills as artist and designer on canvas and in the landscape. His experiences as a professional musician are evident in the rhythm and movement in his paintings. The structural and sculptural qualities seen in his work are informed by his extensive career as a landscape architect.



Patrons of Scott’s work often comment on the lyrical, narrative quality of the pieces. His work is crafted in the tradition of short stories, passages of improvisational music and poetry. These ‘stories’ or ‘songs’ unfold as an abstract translation of Scott’s inspiration and perspective. He invites us, Scott Morgan, Next Picasso Affordable Art Online, Artist Open Studiothe audience, to participate in the dialogue through our individual and unique interpretation. Scott enjoys serving as both instructor and mentor to a growing number of beginning and experienced painters at his studio. An anthology of his work was recently exhibited at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, VT. Scott currently teaches and exhibits in Vermont where he lives with his wife and daughter.



Artist Statement:


The major influences on my work have been my musical background and 25 year career as a landscape architect. Creating music and shaping the environment on a large scale with landform and natural elements has influenced the rhythm and sculptural quality of my painting. In addition, the architectural elements and geometry typically used in architectural graphics often show up as the abstract language of my work.


The circle and spiral in combination with line are the essential elements of my work. I am interested in the history of these primitive forms and their evolution into modern urban mythology. From cellular structure to the concentric circularScott Morgan, Next Picasso Affordable Art Online, Artist Open Studio patterns of the earliest tribal villages to the vibrant red ‘Target’ logo we see daily on television, the circle may be the most prolific symbol in our world.


The images I paint are not premeditated. Nor are they designed to address a particular political issue. They are however, often inspired by my observations of human behavior and spatial patterns. In my work, I translate an inspiration or resolve a subconscious feeling through the use of line, form, color and movement. This process is constantly evolving and thus requires a flexible medium. Oil paint allows me to move through many scenarios due to its fluidity and slow-drying characteristics.


These works are designed to be accessible, yet open to interpretation. My goal is to create dynamic, evolving works that strike an intriguing ‘note’ for the viewer. Viewed over time, to be reinterpreted like a passage of improvisational jazz.


— Scott J. Morgan 


All Work by Scott J. Morgan

  • Blue Avenue

    Blue Avenue

  • New World I

    New World I

  • New World II

    New World II

  • New World III

    New World III

  • Over Our Heads

    Over Our Heads

  • Bozeman II

    Bozeman II

  • Far Above I

    Far Above I

  • Far Above II

    Far Above II

  • Far Above III

    Far Above III

  • Rose Cuisine

    Rose Cuisine

  • Return


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