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Regina Valluzzi


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Regina Valluzzi, 2011

Oil on Canvas, 12”x 12 “    
















“When you listen carefully, what do you hear? Does the world listen back? What sort of creatures may be listening to our signals right now? What do they think of us?  Shhhhh… listen!”


"The intense red color was built up through a series of warm and cool red washes, starting from different edges of the canvas. The linear drawn elements were painted in, then the color was selectively altered and deepened using transparent and translucent glazes. The same reds were mixed as opaque colors with a tiny bit of white, and used to highlight features of the lines and of the wash. More white was added to create related pinks, used to pick out features in a rhythmic pattern in semi-absorbent gesso."

— Regina Valluzzi



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