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Regina Valluzzi

Biology of an Idea

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Biology of an Idea

Regina Valluzzi, 2011

Pigmented Ink on Paper, 10”x 8”























"Biology of an idea is play on the structure of ideas and the biological basis of thought. Neuroscience meets philosophy, as it so often seems to do in modern Physics and psychology.  Interconnected neurons merge to suggest the shape of a head and face (the locus of most of the senses and our connection to the world). Blink and the suggestion is lost in a tangle of neuronal patterns. The thinker, lost in the thought."

 — Regina Valluzzi 

Biology of an Idea was published in The Quotable, an art and literary small press journal: http://issue3.thequotablelit.com/art/biology-of-an-idea/




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