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Regina Valluzzi

Bingham Fluid

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Bingham Fluid

Regina Valluzzi, 2011

Pigmented Ink on Paper, 10”x 8”




























“Bingham fluids are pastes that act as solids under light stress or pressure, but flow like viscous or viscoelastic liquids once the applied stress or pressure is stronger. Blood is a common (and complex) Bingham fluid.


“They are often made up of networks of particles or rope-like molecules. These constituents softly stick to each other, creating a gel-like solid. If the applied stress is too weak to unstick the constituents, the fluid remains solid. Once enough stress is applied to unstick the constituents (particles or rope-like molecules), the paste flows. 

It takes a little time for things – even tiny particles and polymers — to stick to each other. So once the fluid is flowing, the “stickiness” may add to the effective “friction” of the fluid, but it’s less than when the fluid is sitting still.  I’ve tried to capture some of the microstructural ideas and flow ideas in the details of the drawing. If you look carefully you can see some of the equations describing Bingham pastes and flows – sorry if they’re not all clear.”


— Regina Valluzzi






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