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Mimi Chen Ting

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Mimi Chen Ting (b. 1946 Shanghai, China) is a painter, printmaker and performance artist. She holds a Master’s Degree in Studio Arts from California State University, and has taught at various institutions in California and New Mexico.


Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States and abroad, and can be found in numerous public, corporate, and private collections. She received the Agnes Martin Award for Abstract Painting and Drawing in 2012.


Ting has made New Mexico her home since her first visit in 1988. She currently maintains studios in El Prado, New Mexico, and Sausalito, California. Her work can be viewed at various venues in the New York,  New Mexico, California, and Hong Kong, China.



Abstract painter Mimi Chen Ting's studio Taos New Mexico, Next Picasso Affordable Art Online 



















Artist Statement:   


When I enter the studio, I am the child, delighting in boundless possibilities. Each work begins with a gesture, marked by a stick of charcoal or a paintbrush in hand. Whether seeded in play or protest, this sends me on a quest.


While impulse and uncertainty drive my process, I am methodical, mindful and deliberate in practice. Feeling my way between alternating layers of new marks with selectively hiding old ones, I mine the incidental intersections, overlaps, and spaces in-between for clues and revelations. When emerging lines, shapes, and colors resonate, they become the bedrock for expansion and elaboration; I nurse and tease the rudiments until they push and pull at the edges, struggling for middle ground.


Abstract painter Mimi Chen Ting's studio in Sausalito, Next Picasso Affordable Art OnlineIt excites me when dynamic interactions between colors and forms come to life. This task charges me to be patient and alert, challenges me to see what is invisible, to capture the intangible, and invites me to dance to my own rhythms.


While studio life is necessarily reclusive, I do not detach from the world; I am witness to all which lap at my consciousness. I prefer to work on several pieces at one time, testing out different points of view and examining multiple facets of an issue, triggering internal dialogues that can be raucous, pensive, or downright hilarious. They keep me humble and engaged. They make me tireless, restless, and full of purpose. This solitary journey I must travel is long and often arduous, demanding disciplined devotion and abiding belief that every turn promises an adventure, and with each passage I am one step further toward home.



— Mimi Chen Ting

All Work by Mimi Chen Ting

  • Nexus Minor II

    Nexus Minor II

  • Nexus Minor I

    Nexus Minor I

  • Pool Day in May

    Pool Day in May

  • Swirls 3

    Swirls 3

  • Divertimento 1

    Divertimento 1

  • Fig Bunny 2

    Fig Bunny 2

  • Fig Bunny 3

    Fig Bunny 3

  • Fig Bunny 4

    Fig Bunny 4

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