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Michael A. McCullough

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Michael McCullough’s education began in 1963 with the receipt of his first camera. He has continuously made pictures since then, turning full time to photography in 2006 after a career in furniture making. His goal is to be faithful to the connection between subject, lens, and himself. Whether in the field, or in the studio, he trusts his instincts to lead him.


Michael photographs with medium and large format film cameras. The negatives are scanned into the digital workflow, where spots are removed and burning and dodging are performed. Michael works from his studio and darkroom not far from Gettysburg, PA.



Artist Statement:


Photography has allowed me to work toward an understanding of my place in the world. I continuously open doors in my mind to — who knows where. It is only after I enter and look around that I decide whether to remain. Sometimes my excursions are short-lived and not productive. Sometimes I get lost in the minutiae or grandiose and overstay the moment. Sometimes though, the puzzle pieces are all there and fitting them together is all that matters. Completion of the image is the ultimate reward.


This body of work consists of photographs of assemblages; board, found objects and recyclables. At first I was using these items as backgrounds for florals and other still life compositions. Then I realized that these items, in and of themselves, represented in combination — an interaction. From there I became aware that the interactions were representative of my personal interactions with others. And now — I am where I am...


 — Michael A. McCullough





All Work by Michael A. McCullough

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    Untitled 1

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    Untitled 11

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    Untitled 16

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    Untitled 2

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    Untitled 8

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    Untitled 9

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    Untitled 3

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    Untitled #813

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    Untitled #913

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    Untitled #1113

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    Untitled #2113

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    Untitled 10

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    Untitled 7

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