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Maeve Croghan

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Maeve Croghan's distinct and wonderfully energetic paintings are a unique interpretation of our natural world. Maeve paints directly from nature, experiencing a deep connection to her subject while painting. She finishes her paintings in the studio, working only from memory and feeling of the place. When the paintings reach to a certain state of a 'magic realism', they are completed. Maeve only paints nature - feeling this subject is most important for the viewers' attention and consciousness.


Maeve has been painting since she was 15. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute for many years, as well the Portland Museum College. She has BA from New College of California in 'Art and Education'. Her paintings are featured on the wine labels of Castoro Cellars from Paso Robles, Ca. Maeve’s paintings have been chosen for multiple editions of the juried California School Landscape Painter Maeve Croghan at work — Next Picasso Affordable Art Onlinebooks, “ART of Northern California” and “American Art Collector”, as well the "Studio Visit" art journal. She has also been the recipient of many prestigious juried awards. Her paintings have been shown in many galleries around the country and in museum showings in Alaska, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Michigan and Japan. Her paintings are in collections throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Mexico.



Artist Statement: 


I make my oil paintings outside in nature. Actually experiencing, and painting at the site is very important for my art. There, I can deeply understand the place and it's environment as I am painting it. I usually find a site that has meaning for me and can convey a specific feeling or concept I have in mind. I am attracted to the way the earth moves and undulates - showing it's aliveness. Old forms of life; aged trees, old vines and rocks are also intriguing. And the delicate beauty of a wildflower or an open field of grasses can have equal allure.


My paintings are completed in the studio. At this point, I work from memory and feeling. As the work evolves, it sometimes changes from the original scene, taking on its own life. The painting eventually becomes an interpretation of my experience with the environment. There is a deep personal experience with each painting that remains with me.


The paintings are made of oil paint. It is important to me to be close to nature both in my panting process and my materials. Through my art, I also hope to bring the viewer closer to nature.



 — Maeve Croghan




All Work by Maeve Croghan

  • Red Tuscan Leaves

    Red Tuscan Leaves

  • Navarro Glow

    Navarro Glow

  • Tuscan Olive Panorama

    Tuscan Olive Panorama

  • Bolinas Mesa

    Bolinas Mesa

  • Limantour Tree

    Limantour Tree

  • Release


  • Cathedral Vineyard

    Cathedral Vineyard

  • Lone Abbadia Cypress

    Lone Abbadia Cypress

  • Favorite Walk

    Favorite Walk

  • Fern Headlands

    Fern Headlands

  • Botanical Garden Pinks

    Botanical Garden Pinks

  • Favorite View

    Favorite View

  • Little River Plums

    Little River Plums

  • Pacific Sunset Glow

    Pacific Sunset Glow

  • Coyote Oak

    Coyote Oak

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