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Jacquie Gouveia

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About Jacquie


Jacquie was born in Taunton, MA in 1966 and began drawing the Peanuts characters at a young age.


Although her formal education was in Business, art has always been a constant in her life and in 2000 she focused on learning to paint. She spent years painting on her own and created smaller plein-air landscapes. This process and self-discipline gave her the best education on light and color. She built upon this knowledge and began creating abstract landscape paintings continuing her focus on color.


In the Spring of 2012 she was selected as one of the Top 50 Emerging Artists by the editorial staff of the New York based magazine, Art Business News. Art Business News is the art industry's most requested magazine and has been the art industry’s news leader since 1977. In 2013 she was a featured artist with the retail store West Elm where her work was shown in their catalog and on their website. Also in 2013 she was invited to display her work in the high-end marketplace, 1stdibs, in the New York Design Center in New York City. She was the first non-New York artist invited to sell her paintings thru this venue.



Artist’s Statement


My contemporary landscape paintings lean towards abstracts, as I am more interested in representing the colors versus any detail. My compositions are kept simple while my colors are built up with various layers to give the work depth. I want my paintings to be easy for the viewer to enjoy and relax into yet engage them enough to spend the time really looking. I’ve had many people comment that they see something different each time they look at one of my paintings.


Since my work is about color, I only work with one color at a time. I do not squeeze out multiple paints onto my palette. I mix and work with the one color I need, clean my palette, and mix a new color. This keeps my paints fresh. My finished piece needs to feel balanced to me. Balanced in the colors I’ve used; a balance in the dark, light and medium values; and a balance in the quiet areas versus the more detailed, noisy areas.


 — Jacquie Gouveia




All Work by Jacquie Gouveia

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    Summer Field I

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    Summer Field II

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    Summer Field III

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    October III

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