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Julie Marsh is an emerging artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has studied painting for many years with a variety of teachers. Her earlier work focused on “the extraordinary ordinary”, fruit and vegetables, kitchen utensils, family camp experiences, people waiting at bus stops, and grassroots politics. Julie’s goal was always to reveal the sacred in the most common objects and experiences.


During the past two years, Julie has combined mixed media with acrylics, completing two series, (Dis) Integration, inspired by old wedding photos, and (De) Composition, inspired by old photos collected on a trip to Amsterdam. She is now working on the series called Dive In inspired by an iconic image of a woman diving from a 1939 Fortune magazine. These works reimagine and repurpose torn paper, cardboard, cheesecloth, and old photos into meditations on the cycle of decay, transformation, and rebirth.



Artist's Statement: 


I have always loved old, decaying objects from the past because they evoke the mystery of people and times gone by…In the same way I am drawn to the extraordinary ordinary…finding spiritual depth in the materials we use everyday. After 10 years as a painter, I have found my outlet for these loves in combining mixed media with acrylics. Originally from Detroit, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area…greatly influenced by its eclectic, experimental, and accepting culture.


Repurposing old and ordinary materials brings new meanings and life to what has been discarded and overlooked. Yet the old uses and meanings remain, stories embedded in the new work…adding more layers of depth and mystery.


I start with torn fragments of old postcards, photos, magazine images, money, and bits and pieces of envelopes. I print them on different types of paper including translucent vellum, in different sizes. I then added torn cardboard, string, scraps of paper, and cheesecloth. I love these elements because they are humble, everyday materials…yet they create wonderful, unexpected textures when combined with acrylics and medium. A colleague had a few small mirrors she was about to throw away. I saved them from the garbage and added them to the mix. Experimenting in a playful, intuitive way with these elements, I let my instincts guide me…adding layers, tearing pieces off, and working with the residue, repeating this process over and over, creating complex textured surfaces that interact with the images from the past.


My intent with these artworks is to create a visual vocabulary for the never-ending cycle of decay, transformation and rebirth. To mediate on how the past remains imbedded in our physical world and our souls, exerting influences through our subconscious and our very DNA. I believe that matter - from the stars to our ancestors, dies and disintegrates. But nothing actually disappears. Instead, matter becomes part of something new. This is the universe’s creative capacity. I become part of the universal creative capacity, through my own creative process.


 Julie Marsh



All Work by Julie Marsh

  • The Accordian Player

    The Accordian Player

  • Falling Leaves

    Falling Leaves

  • Fortuna


  • Boy With Cap

    Boy With Cap

  • Postmark


  • Fragments


  • The Dress

    The Dress

  • Into the Grotto

    Into the Grotto

  • Divided


  • I Dreamed I Was Flying

    I Dreamed I Was Flying

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