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Julia Forrest

Home by the Sea

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Home by the Sea

Julia Forrest, 2012

Silver Gelatin Print, 16”x 20”

Edition of 10 signed and numbered prints 



Water Nymphs


"Delicate and fragile, she is alone, working on tasks unknown to the viewer but yet of strong, ritualistic importance to her. As in Greek and Roman myths, she is a nymph wandering without her god in confined deteriorating spaces. Even in the landscape, she knows not to move beyond the dying trees and the still water.


The viewer is curious to what the young woman is doing, but yet cannot grasp her strange activities. The viewer senses, however, that these rituals are extremely important. There is no need for color, as black and white perfects the quiet and calm thoughts of the nymph. Using a 4x5 camera, the landscape is presented in crisp detail, mixing together the reality of a photograph with a surreal world. The landscape, gray and deteriorating, highlights the white figure and makes her radiant. She becomes the only bright thing in a dark world."


— Julia Forrest



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