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C.J. Hungerman

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Hailing from the steel town of Pittsburg, PA, CJ completed a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design from West Liberty State College, West Liberty, West Virginia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from West Virginia University. He then continued on to Northern Illinois University for graduate school, majoring in painting. He was taught under the direction of Gordon Dorn, Josh Kind, and Ben Mahmoud.



Artist's Statement 


...all of us are little robots creating things or performing tasks for other people...the series RANDOM ROBOT ATTACKS depicts the possible future when humans create their own robots (the colorful little icons in the pieces) to complete the actions needed... the viewer experiences these RANDOM ROBOTS after the humans no longer inhabit the earth but their BOTS are left..., with no one to program them for tasks they wander the earth battling each other for no reason which becomes the RANDOM ROBOT ATTACKS.....



RANDOM ROBOT ATTACKS with rubber nipple rangers,..

pulsating pudgy pawns, spewing spectacular spunkafurd specs,..

which castrate cuming armies and leave platoons a wreck,..


overloaded rubber, stretched to the thinnest, millest measurement,..

vivaciously beginning to burst orbiting puss pockets,..

stuffed! reservoir tips at the nips,..


hundreds and thousands in row, row, after row,..

defending old hags,..

clothed in brown burlap bags,..


rubber and roboted, all a control lotted, not one decides "it" for itself,..

gone off to die for honor and pride,..

because of feelings someone (an other!) has felt,..


oh to be dressed and pressed toe to head,..

with rifles and cots placed in a pack,..

let's all hobble off for another great march,..

at least one more random robot attack,..


— CJ Hungerman 

All Work by C.J. Hungerman

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