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Francesco Sessa

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Francesco Sessa was born in Italy in 1975. He grew up and lived in Tuscany until 2009 when he moved to the US. He has been painting since childhood. When he was a teenager his family moved to the countryside of Florence. Here he developed, surrounded by the Renaissance masterpieces and the beauty of the Tuscan landscape, a strong passion for painting and music.


While obtaining a degree in law at the university of Florence (he majored in the philosophy of rights and specialized in criminal law) his artistic passion matured towards the study of the late nineteenth century art. His painting reflects the influence of the European masters of Impressionism and the classic Italian painters of the early 1900's.


Since Sessa moved to Philadelphia, he's pursued painting with intensified enthusiasm and has decided to devote himself to becoming a professional artist. He focuses mainly on landscapes, and the peaceful scenery of his homeland, which evoke pleasant memories and reflect his state of mind.



Artist's Statement


Many of my paintings are inspired by the color, atmosphere, and beauty of what nature offers us, every single moment of the day.


When I start to think about a new painting, I always begin with what nature presents me, and try to imbue the work with my own emotional response to what I see. I infuse the oil paint with my feelings, along with the ever-changing light which plays across my eyes, approaching the empty, gessoed canvas as a space through which my mind is able to reach a different plane of existence and get lost in it.


Shapes and compositions surrender always to the rule of an emotion, connected to a specific moment of light. 


— Francesco Sessa





All Work by Francesco Sessa

  • Campo e Villa al Sole

    Campo e Villa al Sole

  • Mirror Lake (NY)

    Mirror Lake (NY)

  • Luce di Toscana (Tuscan Light)

    Luce di Toscana (Tuscan Light)

  • Giardino dei Medici (The Medici's garden)

    Giardino dei Medici (The Medici's garden)

  • Prima del Buio (Before the dark)

    Prima del Buio (Before the dark)

  • Lago in Primavera (Lake in spring)

    Lago in Primavera (Lake in spring)

  • Lago in Inverno (Lake in winter)

    Lago in Inverno (Lake in winter)

  • Lago in Autunno (Lake in autumn)

    Lago in Autunno (Lake in autumn)

  • Lago in Estate (Lake in Summer)

    Lago in Estate (Lake in Summer)

  • Verso Camerino (Towards Camerino)

    Verso Camerino (Towards Camerino)

  • Blu Mediterraneo

    Blu Mediterraneo

  • Pomeriggio Azzurro (Light Blue Afternoon)

    Pomeriggio Azzurro (Light Blue Afternoon)

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