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Flora Layla Edwards

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My name is Flora "Layla" Edwards. And I walk the path of beauty…


As a small child, I was given crayons. I learned to take notes at school from little drawings that helped me to remember.


Then there were my neighbor’s horses, which inspired endless dreams and wishes. And the little Tibetan dogs who would enter our property early in the morning and play for hours with the goldfish in my mother's pond. 


By the time I was six, I advanced to my first oil paint box and canvases, which I still have today, but they are in rather nasty shape. Everyday I was compelled to paint…


At school I had many fine teachers and friends. We explored life together, and they shared their works with me. They taught.  And I listened and practiced.  As my abilities grew, my hearing and seeing became more focused, and soon I was doing school murals and art direction for Christmas rituals. My mother was fond of the theater, so there were sets to be built, and there were posters to be made — and floats.



Many artists lived in my town. Some were painters, writers, and comedians. They were successful artists. Visiting their studios, and looking at their works, talking with them, made me believe in miracles — that anything was possible. And always to look for the most valuable things within one’s self.



Flora Layla Edwards, Chiapas, MexicoSo I became  courageous and continued on. My mother agreed, and my dreams remind me — not to forget exactly who I am...


I come to my work with the sense of exploration, to find out what is there, for it to reveal itself, upon the curtain — asking me to remember! — asking me to paint, to sculpt, to build.


My wish is that, if it is relevant for them, and for me as well, then so it should be for you. As the ear hears, the eyes see. Breathing deep one even notices the scent…



Later, I was brought to the sound studios of New York, were I spent my days listening to America's finest. They shared their lives and thoughts with me, in colors and notes.  


My life has had many complexities, voyages, and works. But to keep that basic beat is my way to embrace life. To know that what can be felt, but can't at first be seen, will be revealed, and that my inner certainty of what is, will, in its own time, be brought to light through painting.



— Flora "Layla" Edwards 



All Work by Flora Layla Edwards

  • Vibrating Cactus

    Vibrating Cactus

  • Green Lady

    Green Lady

  • Geronimo


  • Man in Blue

    Man in Blue

  • Man in the Mountain

    Man in the Mountain

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