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Darby Jampijinpa Ross

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“Youth has no age. ”  ― Pablo Picasso

Within the framework of his culture Darby was a rainmaker, responsible for singing up the seasonal rains that nurture his parched desert homeland. He was a custodian of traditional culture passing on his knowledge to susequent generations and was noted for the vibrant color choices of his paintings, which often recounted creation mythologies related to the seasonal rain.


Despite his age Darby's work retains a fresh childlike spontaneity, in some respects reminiscent of late Picasso. In Artists of the Western Desert, Vivien Johnson says that "his paintings exuberant paint work and complex richly textured surfaces, are strongly reminiscent of cave painting in the Western Desert area." 





All Work by Darby Jampijinpa Ross

  • Flying Ant Dreaming

    Flying Ant Dreaming

  • Rain Dreaming

    Rain Dreaming

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