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Born in Americana and raised in Piracicaba, Brasil, Coelho currently lives in San Francisco, California, US, where he creates modern abstract art. Coelho went to school in São Paulo, where he completed his studies in Architecture and Urban Development. At that time, Coelho also worked as an artist, publicity photographer, educational textbook illustrator, music composer, singer, and songwriter (Coelho has recorded two albums of his own compositions). Later, he lived for many years in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, where he owned an art gallery and worked with a diverse collection of art.


Among artists from 22 countries, in 1998, Coelho was one of the twenty Brazilian artists to participate in the celebratory exhibition of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Paris, France, held at Grande Arche/La Defense, Figuration Critique. The same show opened the Centro Cultural de Sintra (Cultural Center of Sintra) in Portugal, and two publications of the exhibition were later released in Paris and Sintra. Coelho's exhibition showed Impressoes Do Apocalypse (Impressions of the Apocalypse), an artwork collection whose nature is essentially social and depicts the panhandlers and the homeless in the city of São Paulo. In this figurative style, Coelho used a variety of techniques and recycled materials as an alternative to canvases.


In 2005, Coelho was selected to be one of the artists to work for Atelier Amarelo (Yellow Art Studio), a project sponsored by the Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo (Sao Paulo Cultural…). His work, Na Rua (In the streets), portrays the people living in Cracolandia (the land of the crack) in São Paulo who were for the most part homeless crack addicts. Also in 2005, Coelho created Vaca Bandida (Bad Cow), which was selected for the CowParade/São Paulo, an international public art event that exhibits life-sized cows and have been staged in over 50 countries worldwide since 1999.


An eclectic artist, Coelho also paints in a modern abstract style exploring colors and their behaviors, blending effects, and the properties of light. His many years of experimentation with a wide range of techniques have resulted in the development of his own unique approach, which he terms: The Dissolution of Fractals. Through this technique, the paint hits the canvas randomly to create a three-dimensional effect on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. This effect is the result of his combination and placement of colors, and it can be clearly obtained through a pair of chromadepth 3D lenses although it is naturally achieved under a constant and relaxed observation.


Coelho's artistic "inquietude" motivates his artisitic experimention. He enjoys exploring new themes and techniques, so that his artistic output remains fresh and vibrant. 




Artist Statement: The Dissolution of Fractals


My work is the result of many years of research on a wide range of techniques. Figurative at first, it has evolved towards abstraction inspired by the breakthroughs of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Pollock.


My recent work is the outcome of my search for originality. My technique entails dripping paint onto canvas to create layers of colors that overlap implying a three-dimensional effect. Unlike Pollock's drip paintings, where you see splashes of paint, what you will see in my art is just the drops that randomly hit the canvas. For that, I have developed and perfected a more delicate dripping movement.  I call this technique: The Dissolution of Fractals.


While observing my work, you will find shades that are vibrant or soft creating a profusion of overlapping layers to form an incidental moiré pattern and in turn create three-dimensional images and motions.


—Chico Coelho 


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