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Friday 17th May 2013Next Picasso Affordable Art Launch

Next Picasso Affordable Art Launch, N is for...
Next Picasso Affordable Art Launch, N is for...at Next Picasso you can expect the best!At Next Picasso, X is for Expect the best!
At Next Picasso, X is for Expect the best!



The Next Picasso Astonish ExpectThe Next Picasso Astonish Expect 







New Online Art Platform, Next Picasso Affordable Art to Launch Friday, June 21st With a Hybrid Online/On-Ground Exhibition: Anagramation 1


Next Picasso Affordable Art is an Art 2.0 Online Platform Promoting Original Fine Art, Paintings, Drawings, Mixed Media, and Limited Edition Prints and Photography from a Curated Selection of Contemporary Artists. The Site Is Dedicated to Exposing Contemporary Art in a Tasteful, Thought-Provoking Online Setting, Offering Collectors a Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Into the Artistic Experience, and the Opportunity to Have a Unique Immersive Adventure With Fine Art.


(Providence, RI, May 16, 2013) Online art gallery Next Picasso Affordable Art, announces the launch of its website — www.next-picasso.com — Friday June 21st with Anagramation 1, a hybrid online/bricks and mortar gallery exhibition of new paintings by Joan Marie Giampa debuting on Next Picasso and at the Red Caboose Gallery in Vienna, Virginia.



The traditional gallery model may not be quite dead yet, but its being challenged by an ever-evolving diversity of nimble, art savvy, online competitors. Next Picasso Affordable Art is the latest in this evolutionary line of web-based art business models seeking to improve the experience of enjoying, and buying art online. “Next Picasso is a curated site working with a select group of artists. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re very much a boutique art platform where an artist’s work doesn’t get lost amongst the clutter of thousands of undifferentiated images,” says Site Curator David Betz. “We’re not trying to be the next Amazon.com. We’re primarily interested in providing collectors with a more thoughtful art buying experience. We’re betting that our clients want a rich, in-depth encounter with art, more like you’d have in a museum setting, rather than just to click and buy an item that’s suitable for over the couch.”


Next Picasso was founded by David Betz, who has nearly 20 years of experience exposing art on the web, as well as in building international markets for the work of undervalued artists. “Everything on the site has been selected with an eye for quality, value, and future appreciation,” says Mr. Betz. Who has assembled a world-class roster of artists and a skilled team of art professionals dedicated to building a better art-buying experience — one that’s informative, enjoyable, and affordable. 


Mr. Betz, an expert in Australian Aboriginal art, was a pioneer in online art marketing. He went online with his first art marketing web site www.aboriginal-art.com in 1995 after attending a seminal Art and the Internet conference at the Great Hall at Cooper Union in New York. When the first search engines started crawling the web, his earlier site was widely reviewed and praised for both the quality of its content and the originality of its design. By 1998 the site was a Yahoo Website of the Week, and was featured on CNN Headline News, continuing to win numerous other awards and accolades. While many of the “dotcom” era art startups failed after burning through their venture capital, drowning in a sea of hype and ill-conceived ideas, Mr. Betz’s site thrived, based on the simple premise of quality fine art presented in an engaging and enlightening manner. This concept remains the through line from his earlier web-based art startup to his latest venture Next Picasso Affordable Art.


The new site will launch on Friday June 21st with a hybrid online/on-ground exhibition of painter Joan Marie Giampa’s latest series, which is the culmination of her long-term exploration of organic found objects and asemic writing. Anagramation 1 is an exhibition of 13 paintings depicting roughhewn letters of the Alphabet, seemingly composed from an organic, naturally occurring font of windswept forest floor detritus. In actuality, the letters were initially configured from tulip tree twigs, gathered along local hiking trails, and then graphically rendered onto the canvas. Successive layers of painterly color were built up and then etched into, with the butt of a paint brush, creating exquisite surfaces, which seem more like the result of natural processes, like wind and water erosion, or soil stratification, than the human hand. Looking at the tulip tree twigs that formed part of her earlier vocabulary, in a fresh light Ms. Giampa realized, “they’re speaking to me and I’m listening. I’ve decided to configure them into letters for this series and… so the new work entails more of the tulip tree twig, but with a language all it's own.”


The paintings themselves can be presented in any number of groupings, with a multiplicity of potential meanings. Hence the exhibition title AnagramationAnagrams can be traced back to the time of Moses, as "Themuru" or changing, which was used to find the hidden and mystical meaning in names. Each time you reconfigure the paintings in new combinations they take on fresh meanings, the sum total having far greater implications than the individual parts. Fully formed words, nonsense syllables, intriguing word fragments, hints of asemic writing, scat syllables, coded acronyms, hipster slang, Dada wordplay, are just some of the many possibilities in hanging these works… The exhibition will be rehung and reconfigured weekly to reflect the potentialities inherent in the letters.


The Next Picasso site launches Friday June 21st with a hybrid online/gallery exhibition of new paintings by Joan Marie Giampa, Anagramation 1 at the Red Caboose Gallery, 138 Church St. NE, Vienna VA  22180. Ph. 703-349-7178.  And at Next Picasso Affordable Art.


Anagramation 1 Opens at the Red Caboose, Friday, June 21st, 6 – 8 p.m. 

Closing date: July 3rd. Exhibition Hours: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Wed thru Sat.


Contact:  David Betz, next.picasso.art@gmail.com ph. 415-871-5901

Angramation 1 is now ready for viewing online in our Exhibitions Area

Posted on May 17th 2013 on 12:42am


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