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Sunday 27th January 2013My Personal Journey: A Career in Art


Next Picasso Curator David Betz Exhibiting at Art Chicago, 1999 

















Next Picasso Curator, David Betz, exhibiting at Art Chicago, 1999 



I love working with art, and the artists who create it. As human beings, art is one of the most important metaphorical tools we have for making sense of the world around us.  A way of understanding what it means to be human, of finding our place in a seemingly irrational and unfathomable universe. Providing us with deep pleasure, but yet at it’s best, provoking rich philosophical and spiritual affirmation in our lives as well.


My personal journey in art has taken me from running a midtown Manhattan restoration studio, which provided me with me what aesthete Bernard Berenson once termed “a tactile education in art.” Where I daily came into contact with art objects of numerous cultures. My activities inviting a sort of cultural archeology: a realization that encoded in the art that passed through my hands was a rich cultural history of how people of a certain time and place perceived the world around them.


To working with contemporary and modern art in Soho during the eighties art boom, a stage set for the outsized ambitions and personalities of art stars and dealers, brought into sharp relief by the drama of a frothy, overheated market.


To a much deeper, more significant time and place altogether: working with Australian Aboriginal Artists, a journey into an incredibly resonant cultural mindset, rich in poetry, symbolism, and metaphor, set against the backdrop of a magical landscape.


If artists are shamans telling us truths about ourselves, through intuitive, tactile, nonverbal means, then my role as writer, curator, documentarian, and gallerist has been that of the storyteller, to shed light on the creative act, by weaving artworks and the thought process of those who forged them into a compelling narrative.


In my latest project Next Picasso, I hope to provide an Art 2.0 web experience, taking collectors inside the minds and milieu of exceptional emerging and established artists.



— David Betz, Curator 

Posted on January 27th 2013 on 02:58pm


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