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Sunday 10th February 2013ArtHinged: New Art Forum Launching on Facebook/Linked In

ArtHinged: a New Forum for Artists, Art and Design Professionals, and Anyone Passionate about Contemporary Art is Launching Soon!  


ArtHinged: a New Forum for Artists, Art and Design Professionals, and Anyone Passionate about Contemporary Art.While I’ve really enjoyed all of the new friends I’ve been making in the social media sphere and the lively discussions I’ve started or joined lately. I find that none of the various Arts Groups and Forums I belong to on Facebook or LinkedIn, quite suits my unique cross section of interests and personal style. Professionally serious, passionate and committed to what I do, engaged in ideas — but also socially fluid, intellectually freewheeling, cereberal and funny, game for a good time, looking to provoke lively conversation, to amuse and be amused.  Facebook is often a little too flip and casual and LinkedIn can be way too buttondowned serious, with people too quick to hand out their "virtual business cards" without the manners to even check into the dicussion they've just joined. So clearly the time has come to start my own group/forum, something that splits the difference: ArtHinged. Something more like a great opening: smart talk, compelling art, a gathering where you can exchange ideas and professional opportunities with your peers, meet new people, share gossip and anecdotes, see and be seen.



Get ArtHinged!  A forum for discussing visual art and those who make it, for exposing works of creativity and imagination, for sharing gossip and humorous commentary about the art world, for sharing anecdotes about art historical figures, for sharing your own reviews of current exhibitions — and for shedding light on the arcane workings of the art market.


Art Hinged is also a place for promoting: artist’s new work, upcoming gallery exhibitions, museum shows, open competitions, calls for artists submissions, exhibition proposals, artist’s workshops, and art events of all kinds.


ArtHinged will be launching soon on Facebook as well as LinkedIn.  I hope you'll to take the opportunity to become an early adopter and join us. Post early, post often!


Join ArtHinged on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/409637522461280/ 

Join Art Hinged on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ArtHinged-4846440



—David Betz





Posted on February 10th 2013 on 05:24pm
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