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Tuesday 04th December 2012Ambulatory Kinetic Sculpture


We've all seen the work of the great 20th century kinetic sculptors: from Marcel Duchamp, through Alexander Calder, to George Rickey. While for me a great kinetic sculpture can still provoke moments of childlike joy, it's often all too lacking in the unexpected. Like a too familiar childhood toy whose possibilities and limitations have been explored ad infinitum, it can become mired in familiarity. By simply adding a fourth unpredictable spatial element, freedom of movement, the Dutch artist below inspired the same childish wonder and delight of first seeing my first Calder mobile. See if you don't feel the same way...


 — David Betz, Curator


clip 1klein kl from Strandbeest on Vimeo.



Posted on December 04th 2012 on 05:26am


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