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Regina Valluzzi

Emergent Order

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Emergent Order

Regina Valluzzi, 2011

Oil on Canvas, 36”x 24”



















“Emergent Order is an abstract painting incorporating elements of randomness through dripping and splashed background washes. Patterns and lines painted in the foreground refer to the natural random textures of the background. The resulting effect is almost like a visual dialog between disordered areas of color and the patterns that emerge from the chaos. The title refers to "Emergent Phenomena" an area of physics that studies how new patterns emerge from randomness or from smaller patterns and short range forces. “

“One of the tools used to study complexity and emergent phenomena is to simplify the forces and entities in a problem by "coarse graining".  In effect, the smooth aspects of the physics are bunched together to create a grainy description that's easier to manage.  I see this process as somewhat analogous to the pixelation of Pointillist painting, where smooth gradations of color are reduced to smooth uniform dots.”

— Regina Valluzzi



Emergent Order was published as part of a portfolio feature in Palooka Magazine, issue number 4. The table of contents and a list of paintings in the portfolio feature are viewable here:  





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