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Regina Valluzzi

Tadpole Diagrams (at Play)

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Tadpole Diagrams (at Play)

Regina Valuzzi, 2011

Oil on Linen, 16”x 16”















“Geometric Abstract, a Landscape of the Imagination, or more precisely a technical diagram of my wildest dreams (puns intended)."


"Tadpole diagrams are a type of Feynman diagram. Feynman diagrams take nasty complex functions and translate them into loops and squiggles.  A fairly simple set of rules is used to perform squiggle arithmetic, and the results are translated back into nasty complex functions. It's much easier than working with the complicated functions all the way through. Tadpole diagrams in particular are used for single point correlations in certain branches of Physics.  In the branch of Physics I studied we didn't have much use for them, so I'm a bit skeptical about their work ethic. Right now they’re goofing off on the canvas.”

“They were invented and named by Sidney Coleman.  As the story goes, he'd originally wanted to name them "spermions" and submitted a manuscript using that name, but the journal editor persuaded him to change it to Tadpole Diagrams.”

— Regina Valluzzi




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