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Joan Marie Giampa


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Joan Marie Giampa, 2013

Acrylic on Canvas, 48”x 48”









an-a-gra-mat-ion [an-uh-gruh-mey-shuhn], n.  1. An exhibition of paintings depicting roughhewn letters of the Alphabet, in an organic, seemingly naturally occurring font, composed from forest floor detritus.  2. Letters configured from tulip tree twigs, gathered along a hiking trail, and then graphically rendered onto the canvas.   3. Successive layers of painterly color built up and then etched into, with the butt of a paint brush, creating exquisite surfaces, which seem more like the result of natural processes, like wind and water erosion, or soil stratification, than the human hand. 4 The paintings can be presented in any number of groupings, with a multiplicity of potential meanings.






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